Global management of hygiene Plans

CleanProManager facilitates a complete control of the daily tasks of cleaning, Improving quality, efficiency and productivity, as well as the optimization of spending on cleaning products.

Global Management of hygiene plans

What can you do with CleanProManager?

Create Hygiene Plans

CleanPro can create Hygiene Plans quickly and easily

Plans of Hygiene multi-provider that allows to add and to combine products of different manufacturers

Customized plans with your logo and contact information, ready to download in PDF or print.

Plan and Manage Daily Tasks

Easily plan all cleaning tasks for each day and place. Assign the operators their specific tasks with their corresponding frequency.

All daily tasks are sent to an APP available on any type of mobile device in a personalized way for each member of the team. Each operator indicates the tasks that he is completing, collecting the possible incidences and sending images associated with this incidence.

Monitoring and Tracking Tasks

Analyzes immediately and easily the result of scheduled work each day.

CleanPro has a complete control panel about the scheduled tasks, their status as well as all information regarding incidents or observations made by each person.

Never has been easier control and monitoring of the productivity of work and cleaning equipment.

Supervision Form

CleanProManager has a complete system of internal evaluation of the quality of the work done. An essential tool for supervisors.

A custom form allows you to simply evaluate multiple quality criteria. Through an APP, the information is collected quickly and easily.

All the data are presented in a scorecard that allows analyzing the quality from different points of view: employees, customers, service centers, ranges of dates, etc ...

Collect Opinions

The final customer's opinion is the true measure of the quality of a cleaning process.

For those companies that want to establish a Customer Satisfaction Index, CleanProManager offers the possibility of collecting final customer opinions in multiple ways. These opinions are processed and analyzed internally for continuous improvement.

Control of Consumption

Quality without efficiency is not profitable for companies. For this reason, CleanProManager also has a control panel that allows monitoring and control of spending on cleaning products.

It allows monitoring of the adjustment of expenditure to the individual budgets of each center, creating performance ratios to facilitate internal comparisons and optimize spending in a simple and fast.

Companies that already collaborate with CleanPro Manager: